Beth-G & BubbleBath and Bundle Set

Beth-G & BubbleBath and Bundle Set

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We brought together the most popular toys of Hidden Tab for you.

BubbleBath Super Vacuum Vibrator

The BubbleBath Super Vacuum Vibrator is a special sex toy that will breathe new life into your sexual experience. Offering more than just a vibrator, it provides an experience that will seduce and satisfy you.

This unique vibrator really stands out with innovative vacuum clitoral stimulation. The specially designed head area provides intense stimulation by targeting sensitive points in the clitoris area and offers you unparalleled pleasure. At the same time, it gives you a hearty satisfaction with its vibrating dildo feature. You can choose and explore the intensity and speed you want by playing with 10 different vibration modes.

BubbleBath goes beyond just a sexual toy. It is an erotic work of art. Its soft silicone material provides a luxurious feel and a smooth touch, so you feel comfortable at every touch. Its ergonomic design fits perfectly in your hand and makes it easy to use.

This amazing vibrator is ideal not only for your personal taste but also for sharing with your partner. By exploring BubbleBath together, you can try new fantasies and passionately satisfy each other.

The BubbleBath Super Vacuum Vibrator can also be used in wet environments such as showers or baths, thanks to its water-resistant feature. USB charging feature makes it easy and practical to use. In addition, it provides privacy with its silent operation and allows you to use it comfortably.

This unique vibrator is the ideal choice for those who want to push boundaries and explore new horizons in their sexual experience. With BubbleBath, unlimited pleasure and unforgettable moments are just one step away for you.

Beth Vibrating Vibrator

Meet G-Spot Vibrator Beth and step into an unforgettable sexual experience! This unique vibrator, with its tongue-shaped tip and large surface area, stimulates your vagina and G-spot in a completely different way. Thanks to 20 different vibration modes, you will feel yourself in a different world every time you use it. Go on an exciting journey with Beth and add color to your sex life.

G-Spot Vibrator Beth can be easily used in any erogenous zone, thanks to its easy grip and ergonomic design. Plus, being cordless and battery powered, it provides an easy way to carry Beth and use it anywhere. Whether at home or on the go, Beth can always be with you.

With its waterproof feature, G-Spot Vibrator Beth is suitable for use even in wet environments such as showers or baths. Silicone material is a high-quality material that you can use without harming your body. However, we recommend using a water-based lubricant with the product.

Beth's tongue-shaped structure offers a unique experience and easy to use, even for beginners. Whether you use it alone or with your partner, you will enjoy the G-Spot Vibrator Beth's different vibration modes every time.

Remember, with the G-Spot Vibrator Beth, you can reach the highest peaks of orgasm! Give yourself a gift and spice up your sex life with this amazing vibrator.

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