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about us


As the Secret Tab team, we noticed the lack of a reliable and awareness-raising sex toys store in our country that attaches importance to aesthetics and focuses on customer satisfaction. We said, why don't we start a project that will make up for this shortcoming, and we set out to create the Hidden Tab brand. Incognito Tab, Boomkin Tech. It is a project initiated by A.Ş. First of all, we should state that Incognito Tab respects every sexual orientation and supports the sexual freedom of every individual in society. As Secret Tab, we offer you high quality products that will support the sexual liberation of our customers and make their sex life more enjoyable. As the Hidden Tab team, we also attach great importance to aesthetics. We are working to bring you our products, which we offer with promotions that can appeal to all genders and sexual orientations, instead of pornographic visuals and product promotions that center only on a gender and sexual orientation.

All of our products are sold under the brand Secret Tab and with the assurance of Secret Tab.


Our main goals as we embark on this joyful journey are as follows:

  • To be an actor in the destruction of taboos about sexuality in our society,
  • To inform and raise awareness about sex toys,
  • Explaining how to use sex toys in an easy-to-understand way,
  • To make it easier for everyone to access sex toys.


Our aim is to perfect our products in the light of customer feedback, to offer them the most comfortable and most enjoyable sex toys, to become a leading sex toys store by raising sexual awareness and happiness as much as possible in Turkey and in the World.