A Brief History of Adult Toys

As the Secret Tab team, we have carefully researched and prepared for you. Sex toys, which are one of the different methods that humanity has experienced in meeting sexual desires throughout history, maintain their popularity today. In this article, we will provide you with a detailed perspective on the historical development of sex toys and share interesting information about this interesting subject.



Vibrators are one of the most popular sex toys and play an important role in the sex life of many people today. However, the history of vibrators has quite an interesting history.

The history of vibrators goes back to the early 19th century. At that time, vibrators were widely used for medical purposes. Doctors were using vibrators to treat a condition called "hysteria" in female patients. During this period, it was believed that women suffered from hysteria due to their lack of sexual satisfaction. By using vibrators, doctors aimed to provide women with sexual satisfaction.

The first vibrators were large, noisy handheld devices. However, towards the beginning of the 20th century, vibrators became even more popular with the invention of electric vibrators. During this period, vibrators began to be used in homes as well as doctors. Until the mid-20th century, the use of vibrators for sexual pleasure was still taboo, and vibrators were thought to be used for medicinal purposes only. However, as women's sexual freedom and openness to sexuality increased in the 1960s, the use of vibrators became more common.

Today, vibrators play an important role in many people's sex lives and are produced in a variety of sizes, shapes and features. Vibrators are designed to suit different sexual preferences, needs and tastes.

The Buffay Vibrating Vibrator is one of the most beautiful classic vibrators with its various vibration options and powerful motor. It is a toy that can be used by couples as well as for solo experiences. Shaped according to your imagination, Buffay can be adapted for different positions and fantasies.

Buffay is among our bestsellers and is loved by our customers. A water-based lubricant is recommended for a better experience during use.

If you are someone who likes strong vibrations and likes classic vibrators, you can try Hidden Tab Buffay Vibrating Vibrator .




The butt plug, which is among the sex toys, which is one of the subjects seen as taboo, is widely used in the sexual life of many people today. However, butt plugs, which date back to ancient times, have been used for different purposes in different cultures.

The first use of butt plugs dates back to ancient Roman and Greek times. At that time, people were using tools for cleaning and hygiene of the rectal area. Also, in some ancient Roman sculptures and paintings, people are depicted with objects inserted into the rectal region.

The sexual use of butt plugs emerged later. In medieval Europe, butt plugs were used to spice up the sex life of couples. It has also been used in some religious rituals.

Today, butt plugs are used to satisfy sexual pleasures. It is also used in some BDSM (Bondage, Discipline, Sadism, Masochism) activities. Butt plugs can increase sexual pleasure by stimulating the anal region, and can take sexual experiences to different dimensions.

However, one of the issues to be careful when using butt plugs is hygiene. Butt plugs should be cleaned before and after use. In addition, it is recommended to use water-based lubricant in use.

The Alfie Vibrating Butt Plug is the perfect choice for anal toy enthusiasts. Thanks to its remote control feature, you can easily change the vibration modes and have different experiences with your partner. Thanks to its small size, it is easy to carry and can always accompany you when you are ready.

But the use of anal toys requires special precision. Therefore, we recommend using water-based lubricants. It is also important to be mindful of cleanliness and hygiene before use.




Dildos are a type of sex toy that has existed throughout human history and has been used for different purposes. These toys can be made of different materials, as well as in varying sizes and shapes. The use of dildos in history has varied in different cultures and times. In this article, we will take a detailed look at the historical development of dildos.

Traces of Dildos in Historical Sources

Dildos are a type of sex toy that has existed since ancient times. Archaeological finds show that these toys were first used in the 5th century BC during the periods of ancient Greece and Rome. It is thought that dildos were used for different purposes at that time. For example, women used dildos to satisfy their sexual needs when their husbands were away. It is also known that they were used for demonstration purposes in the arena of gladiators during the ancient Roman period.

Medieval and Renaissance Period

In the Middle Ages, the use of dildos was considered taboo due to the Christian faith. Dildos were considered a sin and banned by the church. However, with the Renaissance period, the use of dildos became widespread again. It is known that during this period, dildos were especially popular in the French court.

Modern Era

The popularity of dildos in the modern era goes back to the beginning of the 20th century. A dildo was first patented in Germany in the 1920s. In the following years, these toys became even more popular and started to be made of different materials. Today, dildos come in many different sizes, shapes and materials.

Adam Suction Cup Dildo is among the favorite toys of dildo lovers with its realistic structure and 26 cm size. You can use this product, which gives the feeling of a real penis thanks to its swollen veins and testicles, without using your hands thanks to its suction cup base.

It is suitable for vaginal or anal use and can also provide clitoral stimulation during vaginal use thanks to its testicular structure. Thanks to its flexible structure, it allows you to experience penetration from different angles. You can also use your dildo by fixing it to the floor or wall thanks to its suction cup base.

We recommend that you use a water-based lubricant when using your product. It is also recommended to use condoms during anal use or partner use for your health.




Kegel exercises are exercises that help women strengthen their pelvic floor muscles. Kegel exercises are recommended for many women's health issues such as urinary incontinence, vaginismus, postpartum recovery, and sexual dysfunction. Kegel toys are also used to make these exercises more enjoyable.

Kegel toys have a long history. In fact, the first kegel toys were used in Japan in the 17th century. At that time, as women were raised by geishas, ​​maintaining and developing strong pelvic muscles was important during performances such as dance. For this reason, geishas strengthened their pelvic muscles by using small weights like kegel balls.

Kegel toys became popular in the West in the 1940s. Dr. Arnold Kegel developed exercises that are effective in strengthening the pelvic floor muscles and recommended that women work with weights to gain more motivation while doing these exercises. Following this recommendation, kegel toys designed to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles were developed.

Today, kegel toys are used by both men and women. Kegel toys made of various materials are produced in different shapes, sizes and weights according to the needs and preferences of the users. In addition to sexual life, Kegel toys can also be used in the postpartum recovery process and in the treatment of health problems such as urinary incontinence.

Mindy Remote Control Kegel Balls are a great option to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles and enable you to experience a more intense orgasm in your sex life! Thanks to the waterproof and soft silicone structure of the set, you can use it anywhere and anytime. It also makes your exercises even easier thanks to its remote control.

Mindy Kegel Balls help you gradually strengthen your pelvic muscles. Kegel balls in 60, 65 and 95 gram weights in the set offer different weight levels to use as your workouts progress.

If you want to learn more about kegel exercise, "What is Kegel Exercise?" You can read our blog post. Mindy Remote Control Kegel Balls are a great tool to make your sex life more enjoyable. We recommend using the product with water-based lubricants.




Penis rings are a sex toy for men to prolong their erections, solve erectile problems and increase their sexual pleasure. Historically, penis rings have been used for different purposes in different cultures.

In ancient Roman times, penis rings were used to help erections last longer. It was also a popular sex toy among Roman gladiators. Before fighting in the arena, gladiators would learn to control their erections using penis rings.

In medieval Europe, penis rings were used for male sexual dysfunctions. Some sources even state that penis rings are also used in fertility rituals for couples who want to have children. In the 17th century, penis rings began to be used to increase the sexual pleasure of men. During this period, hairs and tassels on the penis rings were also added to increase sexual arousal.

Today, penis rings are widely used to enhance men's sexual performance, prolong their erections and increase their sexual pleasure. Some penis rings provide more pleasure with their vibrating features.

However, improper use of penile rings can cause serious health problems. In particular, their long-term use can cause circulatory disorders in the penis, nerve damage and even loss of erection.

The Ryan Penis Ring is a great option to add excitement to your sex life. Thanks to its soft texture and thick structure, it allows hard erections and long sex sessions. It also provides additional stimulation by touching your partner's vagina thanks to its crossed ears.

Ryan Penis Ring , thanks to its flexible structure, can be used easily and offers a comfortable experience. It helps you to have different orgasm experiences that you can explore with your partner.

It is recommended to use a water-based lubricant during the use of the product. This helps both to fit the ring comfortably and to give you more pleasure during sex.

If you want to learn more about penis rings, we recommend you to read our blog post "Understanding the Penis Ring". In this article, you can find detailed information about what penis rings are, how they are used and how they can enhance sexual experiences.



The penis pump is a sex toy for men to improve their sexual experience. The penis pump consists of a vacuum pump in a cylinder and is inserted into the penis. The pump creates a vacuum to increase the erection by drawing blood into the penis. This sex toy is used both to treat sexual dysfunction and to enhance sexual experiences.

The history of penis pumps goes back to early times. It was first used in the late 19th century for the treatment of male sexual dysfunction. In 1874, Dr. John King designed a pump for male sexual dysfunction. At that time, these devices were operated with a hand pump, and rubber seals around the pump ensured the sealing of the device. In the early 20th century, penis pumps were further developed and vacuum designs became common. In the 1970s, penis pumps became more popular and took their place in the sex toys industry. Today, penis pumps are produced in different sizes, shapes and materials.

Penis pumps are used to increase the size of the penis, as well as to increase the sexual experience of men. However, experts state that prolonged and excessive use of penis pumps can be harmful. Excessive vacuum pressure can cause damage to the skin and even harmful effects on the penis.

The Brent Penis Pump is a product designed for realistic pleasure and can help you achieve your dream size and erection duration by creating a vacuumed area around your penis. The cylindrical tube in this pump contains an indicator so you can observe the change.

Measuring 21 cm long and 7 cm wide, the Brent Penis Pump comes with 3 different sizes of silicone cap attachments, so you can choose the one that suits you best. It is recommended to use the product with a water-based lubricant.


Male Masturbator is a sex toys for men to increase their sexual pleasure or to make their masturbation experience more enjoyable. These toys were made of different materials and produced with different designs over time. The first male masturbators were handmade toys that existed even in early history.

It is known that in ancient times, some civilizations made artificial vagina and anus toys for men. The toys called "fallos" used during the Roman Empire were made of hard materials such as stone or metal. These toys were also used as a status symbol.

In the Middle Ages, male masturbators made of wood or clay materials were used in Europe. These toys were produced to prevent men from masturbating at a time when sex was morally forbidden. Male masturbators from this period usually had a hollow design with only one hole. In the 19th century, male masturbators were still handcrafted and were usually made of rubber or cloth materials. These toys were used as a safer alternative to unprotected sex at a time when STDs were common.

At the beginning of the 20th century, male masturbators began to be produced with more modern materials with the development of production processes. In the 1970s, the first electric male masturbators were introduced. Today, with the advancement of technology, there are also male masturbators equipped with automatic and even virtual reality technology.

Male masturbators can be used in the treatment of sexual dysfunctions as well as being a tool for the satisfaction of sexual pleasures. Men with sexual dysfunction may try to improve their sexual performance by using masturbators.

Megan Heated Masturbator is a product designed for men seeking sexual satisfaction on their own. Thanks to its ergonomic design, it grips your penis tightly and gives you incredible orgasms with its vibrations. It also offers a realistic experience with its adjustable heating feature. It is recommended that you use the Megan Heated Masturbator with a water-based lubricant. This will ensure that you have a more enjoyable experience and that the product will last longer.

If you want to give yourself an experience you've never had before, the Megan Heated Masturbator is for you!


The interest in sex toys in history is increasing day by day and many different products are designed in this field. In this blog post, we have included some of the most popular sex toys.

Millions of people around the world use sex toys for sexual satisfaction in their relationships or alone. Sex toys are very important in terms of sexual health and exploration of different fantasies, as well as personal satisfaction.

The products we include in our blog post are the most preferred products in this field and are appreciated by the users. Each of them offers different sexual satisfactions with their own characteristics.

There are some points that you should pay attention to when using sex toys. For example, you should carefully read the user manual before using the product, and pay attention to issues such as correct lubricant use and cleaning.

It is important to be selective about sex toys for your health and safety. Choosing quality and reliable products are some of the important steps required for the proper use, maintenance and cleaning of products.

In addition to enriching your sex life, sex toys can also help you get to know and explore yourself better. Therefore, you may be open to discovering and trying various products in this field.



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