Shipping & Packaging

After you make your payment, your product is delivered to the cargo in a way that the content of the product is not clear.

Note: For payments made with the money order payment option, the shipment is made within 24 hours after the payment is made.

Shipping is to all over Turkey.

There is no shipping to abroad and Cyprus.

Delivery Confidentiality - Packaging

  1. The product is placed in the box with the support of the recyclable inner box.
  2. Box contents are wrapped with Pelur Paper and closed with Hidden Tab Sticker.
  3. The Closed Box is affixed with a 2nd Hidden Tab Sticker and sealed for you.
  4. The Sealed Box is placed in the Hidden Tab bag, which does not contain any elements that will create the perception of an adult store.
  5. The package is completed by placing the Hidden Tab Bag in the cargo bag.

Delivery Confidentiality - Invoice

The items that are thought to create an adult store perception of the purchased product are not included in the invoice.

Fast Delivery | Istanbul

There is a fast delivery option for purchases of 500 TL or more made until 15:00 on weekdays.

Average Delivery Time: 2 Hours

Note: Fast Delivery is only valid in Istanbul.

Same Day Shipping

All orders placed before 15:00 on weekdays are delivered to the cargo on the same day.

Pick Up Delivery Point | Istanbul

You can receive your order from Istanbul - Şişli Delivery Point until 15:00 on weekdays.

Average Preparation Time: 2 Hours