KAMASUTRA 101: What is Kamasutra?

Kamasutra is an ancient sexuality guide written in India and has been popular around the world since the 4th century. Kamasutra is a book that deals with sexual relations, different positions, body language, foreplay and other sexual topics.
The Kamasutra has been popular in many cultures and countries and is still read by many today. The book can get you to try something new in your sexual experiences or simply help you learn more about your sexual health.
You can get a general idea of ​​what Kamasutra is in this blog post. However, the content of Kamasutra is quite broad and comprehensive and includes many topics that we cannot cover in this article.
Therefore, if you want to know more about the subject, you can read the original text of the Kamasutra or study its modern interpretations. You may want to opt for modern interpretations and interpretations to minimize the use of sexist or discriminatory expressions.
We will try to give more detailed information about the history, content, aims and philosophy of Kamasutra. You can also learn about how the Kamasutra can be used in modern society and how it can be a tool for sexual health and fulfillment.

KAMASUTRA_101_Kamasutra_nedir_blog_gorsel_1 WHAT IS KAMASUTRA?

Kamasutra is a text written in ancient Indian literature and is a guide to sexuality. The text was written about 2000 years ago by an Indian thinker named Vatsyayana in the 4th century. Kama Sutra is two separate words in Indian language: "kama" means pleasure and "sutra" means book. When the two words are combined, it means "the book of pleasure".
The Kamasutra is not just a guide to sexual positions. Instead, it is a resource with information about every aspect of sexual life. In the text, information is given about the nature of sexuality, male and female anatomy, various sexual acts, sexual orientation and sexual preferences. Also, topics such as marriage, dating, and relationship building are covered.
The purpose of Kamasutra, besides sexual satisfaction, is to help people maintain a healthy and happy sex life. The text emphasizes that sexual life is not just a physical act, but also has an emotional, mental and spiritual dimension. Kamasutra argues that sexuality is not just a tool, but also an art. Therefore, reading the Kamasutra is an opportunity to enrich sexual experiences and make them more meaningful.


The Kamasutra is an ancient text from India and focuses on topics such as sexual behavior, love and marriage. It is written in Sanskrit and is referred to by a certain class as the "wisdom of love" or the "art of love". The Kamasutra was first written in the 4th century BC and was written for different classes of society in India at that time.
The text contains detailed information about different sexual positions, oral sex, foreplay, pre- and post-relationship rituals. However, Kamasutra focuses not only on physical sexuality, but also on topics such as love, dating, relationship building, marriage, and loyalty.
The cultural significance of the Kamasutra stems not only from its sexuality, but also from its influence on the culture, philosophy and art of India. The text has inspired many works of art and cultural products in India over the centuries. These include art forms such as painting, sculpture, literature and dance.
Also, the influence of Kamasutra in the western world is notable. The text was translated into English in the 19th century and made a huge impact in the West at that time. Western readers saw the Kamasutra as an exotic and erotic text, helping them to be more open-minded about sex.
As a result, the historical and cultural significance of Kamasutra is quite large. It remains a text read and studied by many, both in India and around the world.


Kamasutra is one of the best-known works of Indian erotic literature. The work contains detailed information about various positions, techniques and behaviors that can be used to achieve pleasurable intercourse.
While the total number of positions in Kamasutra is 64 in some sources, this number goes up to 84 in others. The book details the various positions that couples can enjoy and describes the body movements and techniques that are appropriate for each position.
There are also different activities suggested to enrich the sexual life in Kamasutra. For example, different oils, lotions, and other ingredients can be used to increase sexual pleasure by using the senses of smell, taste, and touch.
Kamasutra also recommends that couples talk about communication techniques, sexual fantasies and various aspects of sexual life that will help them understand each other better in their sexual relationship.
Kamasutra is a work of historical and cultural significance. However, some modern writers and critics have criticized the book for showing women as sexual objects and not giving enough space to women's pleasure. Therefore, the book may contain some controversial chapters for modern readers.


Sexual life is an important factor for human health and happiness. A good sex life is a factor that has positive effects on physical and mental health. However, keeping couples' sex lives alive and satisfying can become difficult over time. For this reason, many people look for different ways to add excitement, novelty, and pleasure to their sex lives.
Kamasutra can have many positive effects on sexual health and relationship quality. This text provides detailed information on sexual positions, different lovemaking techniques, kissing, massage and other physical contact. These techniques break the monotony of sexual life and allow couples to establish a deeper bond with each other. It means a deeper bond, better communication and a more fulfilling sex life.
Kamasutra also addresses psychological factors for sexual health and good relationship quality. For example, the text also informs about romantic actions such as flirting, building relationships, saying loving words and compliments. These actions create a sense of interdependence, making the sex life of couples stronger and healthier.
Moreover, Kamasutra emphasizes that couples' sexual health should also be taken care of. The text gives information about contraception methods and offers suggestions for protection from sexually transmitted diseases. In addition, the text addresses couples' sexual incompatibilities and dysfunctions and offers various solutions to overcome these problems. Kamasutra can have a positive effect on sexual health and relationship quality.


Kamasutra positions are one of many methods used to create novelty and excitement in sexual life. However, in order to try these positions, it is necessary to create a suitable environment. Here are some tips on how to create the right environment for Kamasutra positions:
Create a Comfortable and Safe Environment: Before trying Kamasutra positions, you need to create a comfortable and safe environment. A comfortable bed or mattress, soft lighting and a suitable temperature are important for creating the right environment.
Communicate and Emotionally Connect: Good communication and emotional bonding in the Kamasutra positions experience increases trust between partners and makes the experience more enjoyable. Foreplay beforehand to communicate and build a bond between partners can help make the experience more effective.
Be Creative: Kamasutra positions are one of many ways to create novelty and excitement in sexual life. Talking about positions, trying new positions, or exploring different fantasies can help you get more creative in your sex life.
Prepare: Some Kamasutra positions require more preparation. These preparations can be made to increase sexual performance and to allow positions to be tried more comfortably. For example, in some positions it may be necessary to use oil or lubricant.
Flexibility and Fitness: Kamasutra positions often require flexibility and fitness. Exercising regularly can increase flexibility and help positions try out more easily. You can also improve the quality of your sex life by practicing yoga. For more information, you can read our blog “Yoga for a better sex life”.
Creating a suitable environment for Kamasutra positions is important for couples who want to explore new experiences in sexual life. A comfortable and safe environment, good communication, creativity, preparation, flexibility and fitness are factors to be considered in creating the appropriate environment.


Kamasutra positions can bring excitement and a new breath to your sex life. However, there are some important points you should know before starting these positions. In this article, I will talk about some factors that you should consider before starting the Kamasutra positions.
Must Have Your Partner's Permission: Sexual relations must be carried out with the consent of both parties. Before embarking on Kamasutra positions, it is very important to get your partner's clear consent on this matter.
Know Your Physical Limitations: Kamasutra positions can cause physical strain in some situations. That's why it's important to talk to your partner about which positions you will find comfortable and which will be difficult for you.
Pay Attention to Hygiene Rules: Before starting the Kamasutra positions, do not forget to clean your genital area and hands. This is important for the health of both you and your partner.
Condom Use: It is important to use condoms for protection while performing Kamasutra positions. This is necessary both to prevent sexually transmitted diseases and to prevent unwanted pregnancies.
Changing Positions: Constantly changing Kamasutra positions can make both you and your partner enjoy your sexual experience more.

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The Kamasutra is a text written in ancient India that focuses on topics such as sexual behavior, love, and marriage. Even today, Kamasutra remains popular as a resource for people to seek information about their sex life.
The cultural significance of the Kamasutra stems not only from its sexuality, but also from its influence on the culture, philosophy and art of India. The text has inspired many works of art and cultural products over the centuries.
It is also known that Kamasutra has positive effects on sexual health and relationship quality. A good sex life is one of the cornerstones of a happy relationship, and Kamasutra teaches couples how to achieve it.
However, there are some important points to consider before starting the Kamasutra positions. In order to reduce the risks that may occur during intercourse, the right environment should be created, appropriate hygiene rules should be followed and communication should be established between partners.
As a result, the Kamasutra remains an important resource on sexuality. However, it can be misleading to view the Kamasutra as just a sexual guide. The text also focuses on topics such as love, dating, relationship building, marriage and loyalty. Therefore, we can say that Kamasutra can help people to be happier and healthier in their relationships as well as gaining information about their sexual life.


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